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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy: use the most natural possible ingredients & preparation for homemade desserts. What do we mean by that?

We use 'Organic, Fairtrade and raw materials wherever available. For example, when binding and gelling, only herbal products come into question, which we combine with love to produce a natural, health-promoting and delicious product. In the average classic patisserie & pastry, often gelatin, pudding pulpers, ready mixes of boilers and chemical products are used. Of course it makes the work faster and possibly cheaper but is this what you’re looking for? 

Natural ingredients

Just form your own opinion and try our products with natural ingredients. The body also benefits from natural and less sweet dessert, so it’s a double pleasure!

Wholemeal flour is more digestible than pure white flour. Often it even improves the consistency, depending on the pastry.


Fruit purees or nutpurees are often better taste carriers than cheap fats or dairy products (homogenized and heavily processed industrially).


For dairy products, Demeter products are used for a gentler handling of our environment.

Sugar alternatives

Products without refined sugar are no exception for us! Refined-Sugar-free is not difficult, if the knowledge and the will are available. To sweeten softly, there are many great products such as maple syrup, agave juice, birch sugar, date nut, etc. Sugared decors such as fondant, etc. are used only on request.


Chia seeds, flaxseed, aquafaba, etc. are often more useful than eggs, but there are so many possibilities and challenges, and that’s exactly what we enjoy.

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